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High-Tech Cabin

These world travelers want to turn the main living area of their former hunting cabin into a high-tech home theater.

Doug and Cindy Crocker are world travelers, but they really want a place to call home base.

Their former hunting cabin in the country has gone through many changes over the years, but the main living area still needs help. So they want to take advantage of wasted space and create a high-tech home theater with French country flair.

With guidance from their designer, they remove all the old open-face cabinetry and replace it with light-colored custom cabinets complete with versatile storage. An efficient home office with concealed computer hardware is nestled in one corner. Sanding and a new coat of stain help bring back the luster of the original floors. But the most eye-catching piece in the room can't even be seen. A large movie screen and projector are hidden in the ceiling and drop into place with the push of a button.

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