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French Eclectic Master Bedroom

Stacey and Doug Chastain hope design student Chris Irvine can help turn their beige bedroom into a warm, inviting master suite with French flair.

Stacey and Doug Chastain have a boring master bedroom and the weird angles and large window have left them without a design game plan. Design student Chris Irvine's job is to turn this beige bedroom into a warm, inviting master suite with French flair. Irvine plans to brighten the walls, add a faux fireplace, deconstruct the current dressers, install new sisal flooring and a whole host of other things in two days and with $2,000. Through heavy rain and even a cold, Irvine pulls the space together and surprises the Chastain's with a colorful yet calming bedroom.

The bedroom door was just as plain as the rest of the room and needed some punch to make coming and going more interesting. Now a vintage concrete fireplace adds a romantic touch to the room, as does the crystal chandelier. Burlap window treatments add even more texture and still control the light. An aggressive color scheme of deep blue and orange totally transforms this space into a modern master bedroom.

vintage concrete mantel (Ohmega Salvage)
chandelier with amber and crystals (Yury's)
blue sisal flooring (California Carpet)
wall paint (Thunder Bay TH30 and Life Vest Orange GH175), ceiling (Thunder Bay TH30), furniture (Cardiff Blue TH62) (Ralph Lauren)


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