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Down by the Old Mill Stream

First a sawmill and then a restaurant, this building is now a charming home.

Guests at Carol and Roger Dean's house in Moretown, Vt., may be reminded of good food and good times since it used to be a popular local restaurant and bar.

They got rid of the restaurant equipment, but the Deans held on to unique fixtures such as the bar and the booths.
The former main dining room, with panoramic views through the glass walls, made the perfect place for the new living room.
A new residential-sized kitchen is located at one end of the old bar.

Known as The Mill, the building had originally been built as a sawmill in 1949 but was later converted into a gathering place. It sat vacant for three years before the Deans bought it, complete with food in the fridge, a whole cabinet of restaurant silverware and even beer on tap.

The Deans were sold on living in the old mill/restaurant because of the beautiful views and ample space. Seating includes four restaurant booths overlooking the river, a 15-1/2 foot bar and two walk-in coolers. The coolers were pretty decrepit, so they removed them and replaced one with a cedar-lined walk-in closet. Contractor Johnny Egan spent two years helping the Deans convert the building.

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