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Where's the Fire?

A Louisiana firehouse becomes a fascinating home.

Zoe and Ken Meeks have taken a piece of Louisiana history and given it a fun new life.

The vast garage area includes living and seating areas as well as an upscale and modern main kitchen.
The master bedroom is located in the former bunk area and includes, of course, a fire pole.
Water pours into the oversized bathtub through a faucet fashioned from a fire hose nozzle.

They have not only converted a fire station into their home, but also found creative uses for their fire station memorabilia throughout the home. The station, built in 1905, served the town of Shreveport until 1969. Once housing horse-drawn carriages, the neglected building became a storage facility and finally just a home to pigeons.

The Meeks spent four years working on the 4,000-square-foot brick building. Stripping 20 coats of paint revealed a treasure: a real mahogany door. Their renovation includes a fire ladder covered with plastic panels that now serves as a unique countertop for the bar. Go to run a hot bath and you notice the bathtub faucet is really an old nozzle from a fire hose. The former closets used to store firefighter gear are now fixtures in the bathroom. One holds a toilet while the other hides a shower. The old firehouse is now on the National Historic Register and is once again serving its community.

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