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Master Suite Fixer-Upper Upgraded to Contemporary Eye Opener

Claudia and Stewart Burns need professional design help to turn their bedroom into a retreat where they can wind down.

The homeowners' master bedroom is now a beautiful space where they can really relax.


Claudia and Stewart Burns moved into their home a year ago and knew they bought a "fixer-upper." Drawn to its beautiful surroundings and architectural features, they've enjoyed redoing it to their taste, but the couple agrees their master bedroom renovation would be best left in the hands of a professional. These new parents want to turn their room into a retreat where they can wind down. That's the fix facing three design experts on this Designers' Challenge.

After meeting with all the designers, the Burnses decide on the expertise of designer Kenneth Brown of Kenneth Brown Design. With an original budget of $40,000, Brown modifies the architecture of the space and creates a contemporary, open master suite that ties in with the rest of the house.

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