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Before and After: Living Room Redesign

A long and narrow family room gets a new layout.

Redesigners Jackie Davis and Kelly Edge rearrange the layout in a long and narrow family room.

  • The huge vertically-oriented fireplace is a major focal point so the other tall pieces are redistributed in the room to balance the visual weight. The three-piece hutch next to the fireplace is dismantled and the bottom part is left in place where it will serve as a buffet and bar. The TV cabinet is placed on the wall opposite the fireplace.
  • The sofas are brought back in facing each other so that both the fireplace and TV are visible.
  • Two more seating areas are created with a game table and chair in front of one window and a fabric-skirted table and chair in a far corner.
  • The existing coffee table is replaced with a fabric-covered bench, which brings more color into the room.
  • Finishing touches include lamps, colorful art and accessories and a trio of greenery in an empty corner.

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