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Golden Gate Bedroom: The Look for Less

Excerpted from the book Sensible Chic

Adding a sense of high-cost luxury to any room in your home can be accomplished on a budget. Use these tips to help you create the room of your dreams for minimal expense.

  • To soften your bed without the expense of an upholstered frame, create your own upholstered headboard and/or footboard. For the Sensibly Chic space Jen Jordan cut plywood shapes, covered them with foam, then stitched slipcovers to fit snugly over the plywood shapes.
  • Layer plush pillows on top of affordable linens to establish a luxurious look in your bedroom. Different shapes, textures, and colors of pillows add interest and comfort to the most important feature of any bedroom: the bed.
  • Though they are small details, hardware for doors and case goods can make a big difference in conveying a style; think of it as jewelry for your cabinets and furnishings. Jen changed the handles on the dresser she chose to resemble the classic lines of the stately piece in the inspiration room. Look to home improvement centers for a wide variety of styles that will suit your decor.
  • Because a marble top was not realistic for the Sensible Chic team’s budget, Jen painted a faux marble finish on a less expensive desk for impressive results. Before committing time and energy to painting a piece, look in books, take classes, and practice on sample boards, Jen suggests. Then you’ll feel more confident with the faux marbling technique.
  • Add romantic presence with a candelabra. Choose its size and the height of its candles depending on the scale of the room and how much prominence you want the piece to have (for instance, tall ceilings suggest a tall candelabra). In the case of the makeover space, extra-tall candles make the candelabra more imposing and draw the eye up on a parallel with the bed curtains.

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