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From Bachelor Pad to Newlyweds' Nest

Newlyweds get a makeover for their home with some attractive finishing touches to make it stand out from the curb.


Homeowners Travis and Irene Stanley are newlyweds who've decided to remodel the home Travis lived in as a bachelor. The home has a nice look and is in good condition, but has a front yard covered with wild strawberry weeds and an entryway that's too tucked away from the street. Designer Daniel Owens brings creative solutions to the project, putting in all new low-maintenance landscaping and making the entry more inviting with some decorative touches.


Here's how they accomplish it:

  • remove the large camellia tree to expose the entryway to the street
  • demolish the existing ground cover and install low maintenance cotoneaster and a dry creek bed
  • install a front path made of pavers
  • fill in a section of the driveway with pavers to add visual interest
  • a new low wooden gate goes in at the side of the house
  • the trim gets painted dark brown to complement the warm brown of the house
  • a brand new arbor and bench, made of a material called IPE, goes up the front entry
  • stain the new front door a rich brown to match the warm earth tones in the color scheme
  • plantings: a red bud tree and some spirea along the pathway
  • new lights to illuminate the path
  • custom made iron pieces shaped as the letter "S" adorn the chimney and mailbox
  • decorative features: a new mailbox, house numbers, a fountain, and homemade copper sculpture

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