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Multipurpose Porch

The Ruffenachs want to revamp their cluttered enclosed patio.

Before: The "Everything" Room
Chrissy and Chris Ruffenach enclosed their home's patio because it didn't have a basement for storage. Over the years it has morphed into an "everything" room. Toys and stored clothes take up center stage, while tools line the walls, pantry items share some shelves, and one corner is devoted to laundry. There is even an exercise bike that has been in the family for three generations!

Chrissy has her hands full picking up after her husband and three young sons, and the cluttered space compounds the problem.

The unappealing laundry corner has mismatched and inadequate storage for cleaning products.

The home has very little closet space, so out-of-season clothes as well as clean clothes ready to go upstairs are hung in the middle of the room.

After: Sorted and Functional
Professional organizer Debbie Lillard has some ideas for turning the space into an attractive and functional room that meets the needs of all the family members: First she has the Ruffenachs sort through toys and clothes, making piles to trash, give away or store elsewhere. Next, a fresh coat of paint and new flooring provide the backdrop for a new system of cupboards and cabinets.

All the possessions were sorted before ordering enough cabinets to ensure the proper amount of storage. The goal was to have everything fit behind closed doors.

The cabinets over the washing machine tidy up the area, while the children's artwork makes it a pleasant and lively space.

Toys once scattered around the floor now have a home in open shelving cabinetry.

Everything is organized and out of sight in the new cabinet system. A new system of wall cabinets stores clothes, tools and pantry items.

The modular rubber floor is added in place of simple coat of paint, which makes the space feel clean and — now that it can be found! — provides the perfect spot for indoor hockey games.

Products from Closet Classics:

ORG laundry cabinets, toy shelving cabinets, seating and coat area, and baskets and drawers

Products from Lillian Vernon:

laundry clock
laundry mat
ironing board cover
closet hat rack
jute storage bins

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

Kind Green SW6457, satin finish
Ceiling Bright White SW7007, flat
Pure white SW7005, semigloss
Essential Gray SW6002, outdoor paint

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