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Umbrella Stands

Take a stylish stand against gloomy gray skies and messy wet floors with these umbrella stands.

This is the simplest and sleekest of umbrella stands. It's made of metal, but won't rust thanks to a protective coating that keeps the metal in tip-top shape no matter how much water drips off a soggy umbrella.

In rich dark brown leather with white stitching, this stand is supple to the touch yet very sturdy. A metal frame inside catches the rain water and protects the leather.

This plastic umbrella stand resembles an oversized egg and even a UFO. Either way you look at it, this is one stand that's out of this world.

A metal umbrella stand with a hand-painted design is a unique work of art.

hand-painted butterfly metal umbrella stand (Simply Cottage)
blue acrylic umbrella stand (Minima)
Plomb umbrella stand (egg shape) by Karim Rashid (Unica Home)
leather umbrella stand (USONA)
silver metal umbrella stand (Foster's Urban Homeware)

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