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Fortune Factory

A Chicago factory becomes a colorful home.

Fortune Cookie Factory
Kate and Joshua Height had the good fortune of finding a building in Chicago's Fulton Market area they could renovate as a residence. During the conversion, they came across a clue to the building's former use when they uncovered packets of soy sauce packed in the walls as insulation. Turns out, the building was once a fortune cookie factory and the previous owners had found a creative use for soy sauce packets.

The kitchen was actually built around the building’s original 6-foot-long industrial sink. Joshua, a furniture designer, likes to recycle materials from the building and he’s got plenty of room to store his collections in a first floor studio. The old maple flooring was reused as kitchen countertops and security bars were incorporated into the rails of a chair.

Seating Areas
As you would expect, the seating areas of this converted factory home are open and spacious. Joshua created much of the furniture designs.

Recycled Materials
Joshua reused security bars from the factory's windows as supports for this chair and the wooden seating surfaces are recycled from doorway headers.

The bedroom is situated at the back of the spacer where the building borders on an enclosed, much quieter, courtyard.

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