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Little Girl's Floral Bedroom

A little girl's lavender bedroom is transformed into a floral wonderland.


Host Joan Steffend and designer Cy Winship transform a little girl's bedroom into a floral wonderland.

$33 — Paint
The lavender walls and white ceiling are painted hot pink.

  • paint: Sherwin Williams — Cashmere Flat/Deep Base, color Dragon Fruit

$237 — Panels
Instead of a traditional canopy bed, Winship uses vertical blind head rails to hold tulle panels to the ceiling. Grommets enable the panels to hang from the clips in the head rails. Silk flowers give the fabric a floral fairy-tale look.

  • head rails: Springs Window Fashions — Bali Today, 95-6200-00-Wide

$22 — Bedding
Two pieces of polystyrene are glued together to create a cushion for the futon. Fabric is glued around the outside to hide the rough edges. A futon mattress is placed on top, along with a custom damask duvet with wire ribbon accents.

$41 — Pillows
Fun floral fabrics are stitched into overstuffed pillows for the bed.

$12 — Rug
A fake fur rug is dyed pink and placed in front of the bed.

$16 — Bean Bag Chair
Glittery pink fabric is used for a bean bag cover.

$6 — Lamp
A junk-store lamp is spray-painted white and hung over the bed.

$26 — Vanity
A child-size vanity is created out of lumber and a salvaged box. The storage area is skirted with tulle fabric secured with hook-and-loop tape.

$28 — Mirror
A mirror is framed with a whimsical wooden cutout.

$7 — Jewelry Branch
Wood is cut into a fanciful branch shape and used to hold the little girl's play jewelry.

$8 — Stool

$3 — Toy Box/Bench
Artificial grass is glued to the top of the existing toy box and decorated with more flowers and the little girl's stuffed animal collection.

$29 — Accessories
Among the accessories is a papier-mâché vase holding oversized faux flowers, a polystyrene ball covered in pink carnations and a small jewelry box.

$13 — Puppet Theater
Two wood pieces are hinged together to create a small puppet theater that is attached to the inside of the closet door.

$2 — Peony Light
Faux peonies are hot-glued to a cylinder lamp form.

$483 — Total Cost

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