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A Stable Home

A 21,000-square-foot stable becomes a beautiful home.

Former Stables
A converted horse stable can actually make for a comfortable home, especially when it boasts a spacious 21,000-square-feet. Nancy and Carlos Guevara now bunk down in the former Wikiup stables in Santa Rosa, Calif. The stables were built in 1915 by shipping magnate John Rosseter, who earned more than a million dollars from thoroughbreds raised at their stables back in the day.

A Big Transformation
Though the Guevaras cherish Wikiup's past, they first had to deal with a building that was in near ruins when they moved in. But they got to work and soon had turned the old broodmare stable into a dining room and the hayloft became a master bedroom. They knocked down five stall partitions to make a large living room but retained the original stall doors. The stable still has stalls for four-legged residents, but at the other end of the building from the Guevara's living area.

Carlos, a professional contractor, added skylights to the roof to bring in light and lend an airy feel to the formerly gloomy stables.

Original Doors
The Guevaras kept the original stall doors. You can enter the living area through any of five original horse stall doors.

Living Room
The living room is furnished with an eclectic combination of garage sale finds and artwork from France.

The Kitchen finishes out the first floor and is next to the 10,000-square-foot courtyard.

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom features a lofty ceiling with rustic beams. This room used to be the hayloft.

The large courtyard is a perfect place for the family's dogs to romp and play.

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