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Bold and Funky Accent Lighting

For lighting that really shines, check out these beautiful accent lights made from materials like paper and silk in bold colors and funky patterns.

Paper Lanterns
These 14-inch lustrous rice paper lanterns made of thin metal reeds covered with gauzy paper come in flirty patterns and bold solids. Hang one or string up a few across a family room to add extra sparkle.

Shining Stars
How about a brightly colored paper star on the patio to light up the night? At 24 inches, each lantern is handmade and boasts its own ornate design.

Colorful and Fun
Colorful and full of fun, these whimsical lamps made of textured rice paper aren't clowning around. They look great hanging, but their funky shape is also sturdy enough to use as a table lamp.

High style
What these paper lamps lack in color, they make up for in size. Standing 6 feet tall, the floor lamps are high on style and make a statement in the living room.

star and globe lanterns (separate sources:, Pearl River and Illuminations)
Leila lamps (jester hat-like lamps) (Second Hand Rose)

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