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Moroccan Resting Room

A bland and boring den is transformed into an inspiring Moroccan retreat.


Host Joan Steffend and designer Lisa Jacob transform an uninspiring den into a Moroccan resting room.

$58 — Paint
The walls are painted ruby red to start the dramatic design. A 12-inch tri-colored border at the top adds interest up high. The radiator is spray-painted black.

  • paint: Valspar — N4405Q Deep Lavender, N4405Q Cinnamon Stone, N4402Q Gold, 3054G Satin Magenta

Free! — Rug
The rug from the homeowners' dining room is rolled out in the living room bringing strong colors down to the floor.

$46 — Window Treatments
Ruby-colored window sheers with a purple and gold border complement the wall treatment while allowing light to filter into the room.

$71 — Bookcases
The homeowners' wood bookcases are painted black and trimmed out with fluted casing and metal accents to make them more architecturally interesting. A piece of painted glass is set between the two bookcases for a writing desk. The painted design is created by taping a piece of wallpaper to the underside, then painting the pattern on the top of the glass with acrylic paints. Jacob turns the glass tabletop over so that the painted surface is underneath where it won't get scratched.

$59 — Painting
A new palm painting is hung on the wall above the desk.

  • palm painting: T.J. Maxx — 192772

$6 — Chair
A bargain chair is given a facelift with a new seat cover.

$20 — Trunk
An antique trunk is placed under the window and filled with pillows, books and a throw.

$36 — Pillows

  • diamond pillow in trunk: T.J. Maxx — 463161
  • gold pillows: Big Lots — 1463500216634

$13 — Throw

  • throw: T.J. Maxx — Suntex, 174673

$51 — Fabric and Pillows
The homeowners' wicker chairs are updated with new seat cushions.

  • pillows: T.J. Maxx — 143958, 143897

$40 — Mirror
An outdated mirror is updated with black paint and silver leaf.

$29 — Ottoman

  • ottoman: T.J. Maxx — 086552

$24 — Frame and Candles
A frame is used as a tray to hold candles on top of the velvet ottoman.

  • frame: Big Lots — 21334500063554

$15 — Pots and Flowers

$15 — Lamp

  • lamp on desk: T.J. Maxx — American Lighting, 180271

$9 — Palm

$492 — Total Cost

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