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Bungalow Architectural Style

The classic Bungalow-style presents a sense of nostalgia and a welcoming atmosphere to many homeowners.


Derived from the Hindi word bangla, "house in the Bengal style," a bungalow is a one- or one-and-a-half-story house with a low-pitched, overhanging roof that forms a porch. This style holds a special place in the heart of many Americans since it offers a sense of nostalgia, and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere defined by vintage craftsmanship. Considered to be modern architecture at the turn of the century, bungalows were often the first option for family home ownership. Today, classic bungalows may be seen all over the United States, varying in style from region to region.

In early bungalows, the kitchen was formal and designated as a workspace, while the dining area was in a separate room. These houses have grown up with America, however, and modern-day bungalows answer the needs of today's homeowners. The interior remains attractive yet functional, with large, open kitchens, charming fireplaces, additional bathrooms, and expanded closet space.

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