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Hip Urban Loft

A large studio apartment is divided and styled into a hip urban home.

Allyson Dorf lives in a large studio apartment with absolutely no separation of space or any sense of style.

The Dilemma
Host Lee Snijders meets with Dorf to discuss a possible plan of action. She would like the room to have designated living and sleeping areas, while maintaining a cohesive design throughout. The hope is to transform the studio into an urban, industrial loft with warmth and color. Several issues need to be addressed such as additional furniture and storage, better lighting, new bedding and window treatments, as well as accessories to transition the room from a stark space into a residential retreat.

The Solution
Graphic art and a cool color scheme give this open space a cohesive look. Here's how the design team creates a new look on the $1,000 budget:

  • Two of the walls are painted a pale gray-blue.

  • Snijders gets creative with two large-scale art pieces he makes out of RhinoBoard, a strong foam-core posterboard. He cuts geometric shapes with a utility knife and paints the pieces with blue, black, silver and gray spray paint. He then layers the shapes to determine the composition, then disassembles them in order to hot-glue wood block spacers in between the boards to make the entire piece three-dimensional.

  • New furniture includes an industrial-style metal desk and blond-wood dresser and coffee table.

  • Design coordinator Charles Burbridge divides the open space with a fabric screen held to the ceiling with a wire cabling system. The 1/8th-inch steel cable wire has a plastic coating that makes it easier for the grommeted panels to slide back and forth.

  • Design coordinator Summer Baltzer creates two lamps out of basic pipefitting parts. She assembles the pieces, threads the light kit through to the top and attaches a lampshade with hex nuts.

The Cost
Accessories and fabrics — $358

  • silver and black fabric: Tex City
  • mirror: IKEA - Vistdal, 700.732.67
  • pillows: IKEA - Vinde Vag, 16455
  • rug: IKEA - Petra Wilton, 12465
  • duvet cover: IKEA - Tupplur, Navy Blue 19426
  • alarm clock: IKEA - Dekad, Black 18102
  • vase: IKEA - Mustig, Blue 18431
  • tea light holders: IKEA - Hej, 18510
  • blue glass bowl: IKEA - Stril
  • clear glass finials: IKEA — Lyster, 16039

Furniture — $302

  • desk: IKEA — Krister, 18557
  • dresser: IKEA — Haddal
  • side tables: IKEA — Vitebro, Black 11690
  • coffee table: IKEA — Lack, 10973

Lighting — $161

  • overhead light: IKEA — Flygge, 17907
  • lamp supplies: N. Hollywood Hardware

Artwork — $150

Paint supplies — $24

  • paint: Benjamin Moore - Sweet Innocence

Project Total — $995


    • Lamp supplies from N. Hollywood Hardware
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