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Living Room Makeover: From Mismatched to Entertaining

A mismatched living room is transformed into a warm space.

Redesigners Lisa Skelley and Mindy Greenberg transform a mismatched living room into a warm space for entertaining.

  • The white leather sofa is moved out of the room and replaced with a warm-toned sofa that better fits the scale of the room.
  • A pair of chairs replaces the swivel rockers. A plush khaki chair found in the bedroom is placed against the wall to balance the arrangement.
  • The rug is placed on the same angle as the sofa.
  • A glass side table helps to break up the expanse of wood.
  • A console table from the upstairs hall is set behind the sofa.
  • Accessories are grouped according to color, texture and theme and a large plant is placed behind the sofa to fill up the space.

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