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Vintage '40s Living Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Richard Anderson give a bland living room a makeover for only $500.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Richard Anderson give a bland, toy-cluttered living room a vintage ‘40s look with soft pastel colors.

$40 — paint
The walls are painted a pale aqua color to give the room a romantic backdrop. Vertical stripes are painted above the fireplace.

  • paint: Behr - Balmy Seas, 490C-3

$35 — Mantel
A custom mantel is lit from the inside with rope lights, which are covered up with Plexiglas. The Plexiglas is frosted on the underside to hide the lights from view. (Related project: Attractive Fireplace Mantel)

$142 — Window Treatments

$222 — Fabric and Pillows
Removable toile slipcovers and new accent pillows give the white sofas a new look.

  • pillows: Urban Outfitters

Free! — Furniture
The homeowner's hall table is set in the bay window, the entertainment armoire is put back in its original spot and the antique bench is placed at the foot of the stairs.

$61 — Tables
Carpenter Jeff Meyer constructs four cube tables that can be used together in the center of the room or separated for use on each end of the sofas. Mirror tiles are attached to the top for a retro look; silver bin pulls are attached to the sides in order to easily move them. (Related project: Clever Cube Table Storage)

Free! — Accessories
Anderson shops the house for the perfect accessories, including silver candlesticks, floral artwork and porcelain vases. An art print is set on an easel in front of the fireplace for a decorative screen.

$500 — Total Cost

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