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San Antonio Bedroom in Chicago

A Texas transplant makes the most of a plain apartment in Chicago, Ill.

Getting off to a good start can make any day better and what you see when you first open your eyes has a lot to do with the way your day turns out. For one young Texas couple, waking up to the warm colors of San Antonio makes every day the greatest. Funny thing, though, visual artist Heather Gauthier and her husband, Randy, aren't in south Texas anymore — they're in Chicago. And in their bedroom, she's worked her decorating magic to make it a comfortable environment that reminds them of home.

She painted the white walls a warm yellow color to start her eclectic design. The bed is dressed with a custom coverlet and an assortment of pillows; for the bed skirt, she simply stapled the fabric to the inside of the bed frame. Hanging lanterns over the bed emit a soft glow, reminding her of the warm Texas sun. The writing station where she pens her children's books is paired with a $2 garage-sale chair that she's overhauled with paint and buttons several times over.

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