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Plants and Flowers Under Glass

Julia Hamilton with Southern Living magazine shares interesting ways to present flowers and plants using glass.

Flower Cake
Use a cake stand to display a colorful arrangement. Cut a block of florist's foam to size, soak in water and place in the center of the stand. Trim flower stems to three or four inches in length and insert into the foam. Top the arrangement with a glass dome.

Clay Pot Dome
For a more casual look, place a clay pot inside a tall dome (available at craft stores or floral shops). Set a piece of water-soaked foam into the pot and insert long-stemmed flowers into the foam. Tie the stems together with raffia or ribbon, cover the foam with moss and place the dome over the pot.

A terrarium is essentially a miniature enclosed landscape that requires very little water and maintenance. To make your own, start with a glass container and lid like an apothecary jar. Inside the jar, layer the materials in this order: pea gravel, garden charcoal, three to four inches of potting soil, a thin layer of sand and a decorative ground cover (pebbles or moss). Finish it off with your chosen plant, like a fern or African violet.

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