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Jazz Club Yard

A jazz-club yard includes two new doghouses, a jazzy mural and a bar made out of a piano.

Christine Simmons thinks that her husband, Will, doesn't enjoy their backyard like he should because it's bland and needs to be fixed up. Using the couple's growing interest in jazz as inspiration, host Susie Coelho and designer Avarie Shevin create a jazz club yard for Will that includes two new doghouses, a jazzy mural and a bar made out of a piano.

Before: The homeowners don't like to spend much time in their backyard and with this rather dull view, who can blame them?

After: The flat yard is given a lyrical lift with new flooring, a piano-turned-bar plus colorful furniture and paintings that depict a jazz club scene.

pillows (terra cotta, yellow, purple), candle lanterns, red folk box, lantern stands (Cost Plus)
glasses, wine rack, metal buckets, watering can, glass bottles/decanters (Bed, Bath and Beyond)
fabric, curtain rods (Calico Corners)

Before: The covered side of the garage functions only as storage for the garden hose and other odd items.

After: Doghouses are a much better use of the space and the two dogs, Buster and Tyson, head right for them! Old soda bottles and piled crates make it look like the storage area for the jazz club.

The cracked and uneven concrete patio floor is transported to the bayou with treated and stained pine planks that are screwed to 2 x 4s laid in the opposite direction underneath.

Cut wine barrels become large seats for the dining table. The remaining metal braces are reinforced with screws to keep the wood together, and several cleats hold round wood seats in place.


Even the family turtle is incorporated into the design with her very own club, Brandy's, inside a topless guitar that's filled with grass.

The garage wall goes from a blank to jazzy backdrop with a terra-cotta wash over an ochre base. More earthy colors are used for murals flanked by shutters made from new plywood that's painted with many layers and distressed to look old and worn.

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