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Formal Living Room Incorporates Favorite Collectibles

Redesigners Natalie Lewis and Pepper Wilkinson bring color and cohesion to a living room while highlighting the homeowner’s favorite collections.

  • The sofa is placed in front of the windows and, to help pull this room together, a huge area rug found in the garage is rolled out in front of the sofa.

  • The built-in bookshelves are accessorized with a combination of books and special collectibles found in the house, adding a lot of character and personal charm to the room.

  • The art above the mantel was too small for the space so it's replaced with a larger piece that fits perfectly.

  • The china cabinet is removed from the room and replaced with a bombe chest decorated with the homeowner's favorite accessory.

  • Two dining chairs are placed with their backs to the entrance. The open backs keep the arrangement from looking too heavy. Two small boxes are stacked for a petite side table.

  • The existing glass coffee table is too large for the room so it's replaced with a small wooden table that's topped with a beveled-edge mirror.

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