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How to Make No-Sew Curtains

Use a tablecloth to make window treatments in a few simple steps.

Home decor expert Brian Kramer shows show to make easy, no-sew curtains from inexpensive tablecloths.

No-Sew Curtain Panels

Materials and Tools:

fusible webbing
coordinating napkins
decorative wood shape


  1. Cut the tablecloth in half lengthwise (using the appropriately sized tablecloth for your window).

  2. On the wrong side of the fabric, turn the edges in on the long sides of the panels about a half inch and secure with fusible webbing.

  3. To make the casing at the top of the curtain, repeat the process of turning under the fabric and securing it with fusible webbing. Make sure that you turn under enough fabric to fit over the curtain rod

  4. To make a header for the panels, use coordinating napkins hung on the diagonal. Half the napkin goes in front of the curtain rod, half in back.

  5. To hold the curtains in place, use a decorative wood shape, painted in a coordinating color. Glue a clothespin to the back of the shape and clip on the rod.

  6. To make a tieback, fold another napkin in half on the diagonal. Roll up from the narrowest end (figure C) until you have a long tube of fabric. Tie this around the curtain panel.

Architectural Stars and Ribbon

You'll use the same process you did to make the curtain panels. Here's how to construct the rest of the project.


  1. Paint the architectural stars with desired color.

  2. Place grommets along the top edge of the panel.

  3. Hang picture hooks on each side of the window frame. You can pretty much used anything as a tieback.

  4. Measure and cut 15 pieces of complementary ribbon to hang the panel.

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