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Broadway Corner

It's the job of architect Lenore Baigelman to design a special space where the homeowner's Tony awards are the stars of the show.

The Meyers have a problem. Doug, Stacey and son David love to collect things. In fact, their house is a veritable museum of vintage toys, sports memorabilia and furniture. But their most noteworthy pieces don't have a home. Doug won two Tony Awards for producing Broadway musicals, and he'd like a place to display them.


Her plan calls for removing an old half-wall and replacing it with custom cabinets for storage. A frosted glass partition separates the area from the rest of the house. Glass shelves for the awards are hung from the ceiling and monorail track lighting is installed to highlight the Tonies as well as some artwork on the walls.


Finally, a new area rug helps define the space while adding much needed sound absorption for the show-stopping player piano.

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