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Retro/Contemporary Dining Room

Bradley and Aubrey Ryan have a new dining room with no style, so they've hired student designer Tamsinn Bellas Cowart to add fun and flamboyance to the sterile space.

Cowart plans on adding bright colors, metal accents and new furniture to the dull room, plus she's also experimenting with a unique focal point — a light wall. It's an ambitious plan, but Cowart succeeds in completing the room in two days with $2,000.

Before: The homeowners describe their dining room as sterile and boring so they're thrilled to have an interior design student "punch it up a little bit." The only existing items they absolutely want to stay are the pictures.

After: A light box that frames the homeowners' pictures becomes the focal point of the dining room, while a new metal tabletop, storage options in the form of lockers and a retro piece of furniture plus a colorful palette take the room from plain to exciting.

red lockers (Willow Tree)
retro bar/storage piece (Good Use Inc.)
chandelier and lamp base (Mod Livin)
paint: Livingston Gold (HC16), Millington Gold (HC13), Down Pour Blue (2063-20), Sapphire Berry (2063-60), Shy Cherry (2007-20), black chalkboard paint (Benjamin Moore)

Before: The kitchen countertop/bar area is just as bland as the dining room and could also benefit from a punch of color.

After: A chalkboard area provides a functional and stylish backdrop for one-of-a-kind artwork above the counter, while red below spills over from the dining room to tie it all together.

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