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Campy-Cabin Backyard

A nostalgic campsite theme for this yard includes a geyser-inspired water feature, a new mural and a faux wood plank patio.

Alex Perez loves the great outdoors and as a special gift, his wife, Stacey, wants to give him a new backyard that will reflect his tastes. Thanks to host Susie Coelho and the Outer Spaces team, the Perez family receives a new backyard with a nostalgic campsite theme. Designers Adam Schiff and Alicia Blas help create the yard, which includes a geyser-inspired water feature, a new mural and a faux wood plank patio.

Before: While the homeowners say they'd like to think of their back porch as eclectic, they actually think the hand-me-downs look tacky and would prefer if it felt as if they're camping in their own backyard.

After: From common place to camping space, new seating and dining areas plus a faux fireplace bring a relaxed outdoor look to the porch.

table accessories, tablecloth, rugs (tan and burgundy), plaid throw, pillows (burgundy and striped) (IKEA)
moose wall sconce (The Great Indoors)
fire pit (Coleman), fishing boots and creel (used as planters) (Sportmart)
furniture (Michaels)

Before: The plain backyard doesn't reflect the homeowners' love of the great outdoors and it's not the fun destination they envision for the area.

After: This camping-inspired creation is all about recreation. By adding plants, places to relax and lots of quirky touches, they transformed a space that was no picnic into a campy wonderland.

After using a foam roller to apply a base coat over the concrete porch, a rag mop soaked with a darker color and wrung out in a janitor's bucket is lightly dragged over the dry base to make it look like wood planks. Once dry, a paint marker taped to a long handle lends definition to the design.

Tree rounds are sunk into the ground for stepping stones that lead to a fire and gray newsprint is hidden underneath gravel as a weed barrier (it's more eco-friendly than colored glossy paper). Benches provide plenty of seating to enjoy the fire and the yard.

The kids weren't forgotten in this design and have their own place to play complete with a blanket tent and fake campfire.

A geyser-inspired water feature, conifers, a colorful mural and sign that says "Come Fish Lake Perez" bring the look of nostalgic camping trips home to this backyard.

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