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Old-Time Backyard

A backyard is transformed into a quaint and inviting space that reflects an era when the neighborhood was an agricultural community.


Manny Godoy has been meaning to fix up his backyard since moving into his 100-year-old house with his wife, Trini, and their daughter, Evelyn. With the help of host Susie Coelho, architect Rick D'Amato and the Outer Spaces crew, the Godoy backyard is transformed into a quaint and inviting space that harkens back to the time when their neighborhood was an agricultural community.

The homeowners have wanted to do something special in their boring and overgrown backyard for years, but weren't sure how to accomplish their goal of a comfortable and fitting space that would tie into their 100-year-old home.


Calling in the experts accomplished their goals. Using a citrus-inspired theme, the yard is now interesting and functional for years of entertaining friends and family plus playtime with heir young daughter.


Clumps of overgrown grass and a rusty wheelbarrow currently comprise this covered porch area of the yard.


A dining area plus a comfortable sitting area out of the sun totally transform this wasted space. Framed vintage fruit crate labels and an old mantel become the focal point and enhance the citrus theme.

Rick D'Amato's citrus-inspired design includes a patio area made of decomposed granite that will resemble a rug with a dining area, a playhouse that looks like a vintage fruit stand and a water feature that incorporates concrete urns and an herb garden plus privacy with a screen wall and landscaping. A final element is a time capsule that will be buried in the yard.

Bender board creates the center section and border of the decomposed granite "rug." Once weed barrier is laid down, the DG is compacted and wet down, which makes it as hard as concrete but more fitting with this older home.

Redwood planking forms the grid pattern for the raised planter bed garden. It's a great natural product that fits the vintage scheme.

The fruit stand is a playhouse for this couple's young daughter. The striped roof, vintage-looking signs, picket fence, baskets of fruits and vegetables plus engineered wood chips that surround the exterior create an authentic country look.

bench, chairs and table (Chippendale by Mainfree), concrete planters, roll of white garden fence (Lowe's)
outdoor table with extra leaf and chairs (Orust), basket (Alkov), vase (Falang), vase (Kagge), covered jar (Burken), chair cushions (Bramon/gold), bench cushion (20" x 20" Vindum Tvar/green), candles (Tindra/green), plates (syntes), place mats (soare), glasses (svepa) (IKEA)

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