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Quilted Mask

Michele David shows how to create a quilted mask.

Instructions provided courtesy of quilt maker Michele David.

1. Choose fabrics—pick fabrics with designs that you can use as features in the mask.

2. Sketch outline of a face to use as guide.

3. Enlarge sketch proportionally.

4. Cut out larger sketch to use as template.

5. Smooth template over a fat quarter of fabric. Pin template to fabric.

6. Trace template using permanent pen.

7. Cut out face, leaving roughly 1/2-inch seam allowance. You will use the permanent marker line as sewing line.

8. To add "bangs" at hairline, draw a line with grease pencil or other marker to be used as a sewing line and align fringe or beads on it.

9. Sew a basting line to hold the bangs down using a zipper foot.

10. Pin bangs out of the way for stitching.

11. Place headband over bangs. Using the zipper foot again, appliqué the headband in place.

12. Sew "pillowcase" style—right sides of fabrics together, with batting on the bottom.

Leave a small opening so you can turn the quilt. Trim before you sew.

13. Sew and turn right side out. Straighten corners with a knitting needle.

14. Use the cut-out features to create eyes, nose and mouth. Keep proportion in mind.

15. Add headdress made of stuffed upholstery fabric. Applique in place.

16. Embellish with feathers that coordinate with the colors in the mask.

17. Embellish with metallic threads for added definition.

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