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How to Make a Shower Invitation

Learn how to create handmade invitations that are sure to impress.

Design expert Nicole Sassaman demonstrates how to make unique invitations that will make a great first impression and set the tone for your next party.

Shower Invitations

A silk flower is the perfect front on a feminine invitation for a bridal or baby shower.

Materials and Tools:

silk flower
hot glue
card stock
sheet metal
paper clip


1. Remove the flower from its stem, making the back as flat as possible. It may be necessary to glue the layers of the petals together with hot glue when the stem is removed.

2. Hot glue a magnet to the back of the flower.

3. On the inside of the card, glue a piece of sheet metal cut into a small square or a paper clip in the spot behind where the flower will go.

4. Use the same treatment for Christmas ornaments or anything else to which a magnet can be glued.

Embossed aluminum (done at a sheet metal shop) is cheaper than engraving and makes a unique wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations

Create a beautiful embossed invitation with just a few steps.

Materials and Tools:

card stock
sheet metal
double-sided tape
rice paper
satin ribbon

Rice paper, in keeping with the wedding theme, and ribbons decorate the inside of the wedding invitation.


1. Have the word "wedding" embossed onto a square of sheet metal.

2. Attach the metal to the front of the invitation with a piece of double-sided tape.

3. Slip a sheet of rice paper inside of the invitation.

4. Use a file system for the various events (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception). Cut paper into three graduated sizes and label the top of each with the event name and specific information below.

5. Make a pouch for the papers simply by cutting the flap off an envelope and gluing it to the inside of the card. To dress up the cut edge, glue on a strip of satin ribbon.

6. Tie a coordinating ribbon around the front page of the invitation, having the bow show either on the outside, or, for a smooth finish, on the inside.

An Asian themed card is easy to make with figures cut from fabric. This would also work for Christmas cards with seasonal figures cut from cloth.

Asian-theme Card

Materials and Tools:

card stock
piece of fabric with Asian figures on it
coordinating fabric or paper
hot glue

Wood veneers applied to cards add a masculine touch.


1. Cut out an Asian figure from a piece of fabric.

2. Layer the fabric with another piece of coordinating fabric or paper, and apply to the front of card stock with glue.

3. Glue a "fortune" on the inside (you can easily make this on a computer).

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