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Asian-Style Living Room

Take a look as this empty space is transformed into a soothing Asian-style living room for a fraction of the cost of the inspiration room.

Inspiration Room

Host Brooke Channon and designer Doug Dolezal work together to re-create the look of Doug’s Inspiration Room. Doug used a modern Asian style punctuated with a bold color palette and contemporary furnishings to create this designer look.

Makeover Room Before

Transforming the Makeover Room

Guest designer Doug Dolezal helped direct the transformation of a dreary living room into a colorful, comfortable space by taking the following steps:

  • Added woven seagrass blinds to the windows while keeping the existing celery gold tone on walls.

  • Placed a flat weave sisal rug on the floor.

  • The design team repainted a Chinese screen to simulate the look of the "Field of Grass" six-panel screen in the Inspiration Room.

  • Used a parchment ultrasuede sofa dressed with pillows that added just the right color and texture for the room.

  • Placed an Asian style coffee table with bamboo details topped with a rust-colored leaf tray spray-painted silver.

  • For the left side table, a cream-colored table was given a brown finish and topped with a silver slink lamp, silver painted pears and a woven chest.

  • For the right side table, the design team glued triangle molding to a Scandinavian dresser and topped it with a brass swing lamp and an orchid.

  • Completed the seating area with a red armless slipper chair, sage ottoman and an hourglass table.

Makeover Room After

The Bottom Line

To see where the savings are, take a look at this direct cost comparison of some Inspiration Room Items and the creatively comparable ones used in the Makeover Room:

Antique Elmwood daybed, silver-leaf sculpture bowl, silver-leaf decorative accent, $8,750 / Asian-style coffee table with bamboo details, rust-colored leaf tray painted silver, small ceramic leaf, $175

Aged lacquer game table, silver trophy vase, bamboo sculptured lamp, silver pears with gold leaves, $16, 500 / Cream-colored end table with cross bar base, silver pitcher, cream pears painted silver, $225

Solid walnut chest with mitered detailed drawer fronts, Libra table lamp, copper bowl filled with orchids, $18,600 / Scandinavian dresser with triangle molding, brass swing arm lamp, orchid in simple container, $325

Makeover Information:

seagrass blinds (Brighton), small ceramic leaf - Pier 1 Imports
glass with decorative blue ball base - Marshalls
silver bamboo lamp, pillows, leaf tray - Z Gallerie
pears, woven decorative box - Expo Design Center
pillows - TJ Maxx
pillows - Bed, Bath & Beyond

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