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Wire Embossed Mica Mirror

Create a beautiful mirror with these step-by-step instructions.

Project by Monica Heeren.

Materials and Tools:

wood frame with wide flat sides
mirror to fit frame opening
brown acrylic paint
shellac bond mica sheet
4 brass grommets
grommet setter
4 small gold beads
16-gauge wire
woven 80 copper mesh
embossing stylus
craft knife
utility knife
paint brush


1. Measure and cut the mica to allow a 1/2- to 3/4-inch border of the frame to show.

2. Paint all areas of the frame not covered by the mica with brown paint.

3. Position the mica over the mirror hole and mark the mirror corners with an awl. With a utility knife and ruler, cut and remove the center opening of the mica.

4. Mark a grommet hole in each of the four corners of the mica, approximately 1 inch from the edge. Punch with an awl and expand to width of the grommet stem by twisting the tip of a craft knife in the hole.

5. Place brass/gold grommets in the holes and hammer in place.

6. Glue the mica to the frame. Glue a small gold bead into the center of each grommet for a unique fastener look.

7. To create the mesh detail: Measure and cut a piece of copper mesh approximately 1-1/2 inch larger than the mirror opening.

8. Twist three pieces of wire into a simple loopy design border and tape to the mesh. Turn the mesh over and trace around the wire with an embossing stylus. Remove the wire.

9. Create the mirror opening in the mesh by cutting an "X" in the center, extending the cut to the corner. Cut and remove the center mesh, leaving a 1/4-inch flap on each edge.

10. Cut four pieces of wire to the size of the inner opening. Roll the mesh flaps around each of the pieces to smooth-finish the opening. The outer edges are left raw.

11. Cut four 1-3/4-inch pieces of wire. Bend into a staple shape with each leg 1/4 inch long. Grip the long portion of the staple with the pliers and twist, forming a decorative kink.

12. Position the staples on the mesh. Mark the point where the staple leg meets the mesh and punch a hole with an awl. Insert staple legs into hole and close to the back of the mesh with pliers.

13. Glue mesh border in place at the junction points of the wire staples and mica.

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