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Easy Polymer Clay Canes Bracelet

Learn how to make this simple polymer clay cane bracelet.

Project designed by Kim Cavender.

Materials and Tools:

28 silver spacer beads
Kato Nublade
needle tool
pasta machine
1mm Stretch Magic jewelry cord
Kato Polyclay: 1 violet, 2 white, 2 black
DeepFlex square resin mold
Lisa Pavelka Texture Stamps: Tumbling Leaves S-1
14 fire polish round glass 4mm beads


1. To make a striped cane: Using approximately 1/2 package each of white and black clay, roll a sheet of each color at a medium thin setting on your pasta machine. Lay these sheets on top of each other, taking care not to trap air bubbles. Cut and stack until you have a striped slab about 20 layers tall.

2. To make a black and white jellyroll cane: Using approximately 1/2 package each of black and white clay, roll a medium thin sheet of each color and stack one on top of the other. Roll these sheets together through the pasta machine at a medium setting. Fold the sheet in half and roll from the folded edge to make a jellyroll cane.

3. Reduce part of the cane to about 1/8" in diameter. You will need about 2" of cane in this size; cut off that amount. Reduce the remaining cane to 3/16" in diameter.

4. To create a skinner blend bullseye cane: Make two identical right-angle triangles using a package of white and a package of violet clay. Place the slanted edges of the triangles together so they are slightly offset.

5. Trim the edges so you have a rectangle. Roll this sheet through the pasta machine at the thickest setting, making sure that both colors touch the rollers. Fold the sheet, same color edge on same color edge. Put clay through the pasta machine fold end first. Repeat folding and rolling through the pasta machine until the sheet is completely graded from white to violet (about 25 times).

6. Put the blended sheet through the pasta machine with only the white edge touching the rollers at progressively thinner settings. Roll this sheet, starting with the white edge, into a bullseye cane. Cut this cane into three equal sections.

7. To make a flower cane: Reduce one section of the skinner blend bullseye to 1/8" in diameter. Cut this section into six 2" pieces; using the 2" section of the 1/8" diameter jellyroll cane you made earlier as the center, assemble these pieces into a flower cane. Press gently to adhere these pieces together.

8. Reduce another section of the bullseye cane to 3/16" in diameter. This cane will be the polka dots.

9. To make a leaf cane: Cut remaining section of the bullseye in half through the center of the cane. Cut an 1/8" thick slice from the striped slab and insert between the two cane pieces. Trim stripes so they are flush with the bullseye cane. This striped piece will be the vein of your leaf cane. Reduce the leaf to about 1/4" diameter and pinch along the top of the cane until you get a pleasing leaf shape.

10. To make the black base bead: Using cornstarch or a similar release agent, prepare your mold. Press conditioned black clay into the mold and use the clay blade to cut off excess clay flush with your mold.

11. Press a rubber stamp into the clay while it is still in the mold. This will create a nice texture on the bottom of your bead. Remove bead from mold.

12. Use a needle tool to create two evenly spaced holes in your bead . You will need to make about seven or eight beads, depending upon your wrist size and the size of the mold. Cut thin slices from all the canes you made and arrange them on the base beads, taking care not to cover the holes you made.

13. Bake according to manufacturer instructions. When cool, string the polymer beads on elastic cord using glass and spacer beads in between.

14. Knot, glue and cut ends of cord. Hide knots inside a polymer bead.

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