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Simple Stenciled Rope Swing

Jennifer Ferguson demonstrates how to make this stenciled rope swing for your home.

Project designed and demonstrated by Jennifer R. Ferguson.

Materials and Tools:

12" circle of 1-1/2" thick pine
3" wooden ball knob
heavy rope
wood sealer
Bondago primer
fine-medium grit sandpaper
embossing tool
JW Etc. satin varnish
drill with bit to match rope size
The Stencilled Garden stencils: TSG167 rosie posies, TSG190 wild posies, TSG706 1" checkerboards
Americana acrylic paints: French vanilla, Santa red, Napa red, Hauser lt. green, plantation pine, black, sand


1. Drill a hole into the center of the round lumber large enough for the size rope you have purchased.

2. Drill the same size hole into the center of the 3" ball knob.

3. Sand the edges of the swing and around the holes on the swing and the knob.

4. Seal the round swing with wood sealer to prevent the wood from warping.

5. Prime the wooden ball knob and swing with Bondago or commercial primer.

6. Base coat the swing with French vanilla paint and the wooden ball knob with Santa red.

7. Stencil the designs as shown in the photo.

8. Using the embossing tool, apply the la-de-da dots to the wooden ball knob.

9. Allow all stenciling to dry; then apply a varnish to protect your artwork. Apply several coats to the swing and ball knob.

10. Pull the rope through the swing and ball knob and make a knot at the bottom of the ball knob. Hang from your favorite tree.


  • I find it very easy to enlist a friendly woodworker to cut all my projects for me.
  • Purchase the rope before cutting the holes into the swing and ball knob.
  • Practice your stenciling on paper before stenciling the project.

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