Designing a Boy's Bedroom

Tips on decorating a bedroom for a young boy.

$113 - Window Treatments
Ramirez enhances store-bought window panels with iron-on transfers she makes out of wallpaper border. She copies the border onto copier transfer paper (available at craft stores) and cuts out the desired image. Using a very hot iron, she heats the fabric first, then places the image face down and irons it on.

  • curtains: Pottery Barn - Sailcloth panel 84", 903-4297925-5282
  • two curtain rods: Jo-Ann Fabrics - 28" - 48" 5238340
  • wallpaper border: Hirshfield's - Remember When, 241B63-523
  • transfer paper: Jo-Ann Fabrics - Transfer Magic color copier transfer paper, 7-07758-001005

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