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Beaded Beauty T-Shirt

Transform an ordinary white t-shirt into a glittering altered piece of clothing with the simple addition of decorative stamps and seed beads.

Materials and Tools:

boy's or men's basic white t-shirt
Beaded Beauties pansy stamp
fabric ink
seed beads
embroidery thread
beading needle
sewing machine
iron or dryer


1. To alter the t-shirt: Cut the sleeves on the t-shirt at an angle to make cap sleeves.

2. Turn under the cut sleeve twice and sew.

3. Find the center of the t-shirt and cut a 3-inch slit down the middle (you may need to adjust the slit according to the size of the person wearing the top).

4. You are going to need to make a placket from the leftover sleeve.

5. Place the packet on the front of the tee and stitch 1/4 inch from the edge following the slit.

6. Fold the placket to the inside of the tee and top-stitch in place.

7. Using fabric ink, stamp the Beaded Beauties stamp in the center under the placket. When ink is dry, heat set

8. Using watered-down acrylic paints, carefully paint image. Heat set when paint is dry.

9. With a beading needle and knotted thread, come up thought any dot on the image, place a seed bead on the needle, go back down though that dot, come up though the next dot, and repeat until entire image has been beaded.

10. Embroider decorative stitches around neckline and cap sleeves.

11. Don’t stop there; you can add beaded details to dress shirts, jackets and purses. The more beads, the merrier.

Project designed by Ana A. Araujo.

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