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Mounted Painted Bottles

How to make mounted bottles.

Materials and Tools:

small glass bottles
metal broom holders
wood block
picture hanger
palette or plate for paint
brushes: #14 flat, #1 liner
cotton swabs
self-stick notes
screwdriver or electric drill
water bin
paper towels or rag
sanding block
masking tape
Delta gel stain medium
Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel surface conditioner
Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel kiwi Frosted Looks
Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel ultra-white paint
Delta Stamp and Stencil wedge sponges
Delta Ceramcoat acrylic: lime green, white


1. Wash and dry the bottle. Following label instructions, use the #14 flat brush to apply a coat of surface conditioner to the entire outside of the bottle. Let dry.

2. Shake the bottle of kiwi PermEnamel. Squeeze a puddle on the palette. Tap the flat end of the wedge sponge into the paint and tap off excess on palette. Pounce the color onto all areas of the bottle but the neck. Add more paint to sponge as needed for an even coat, blending edges together. Let dry about 15 minutes or so depending on weather conditions.

3. Apply two more coats to the bottle following the same instructions as above, letting dry between coats. The more coats applied, the longer it takes to dry.

4. To create a stencil for the dot, start by positioning a dime on a self-stick sheet, placing it so half is on the sticky edge. Use the pencil to trace around then carefully cut out the center. Set aside.

5. The create the stripes on the bottle, make two strips by taping a few of the self-stick notes together, enough to go around the bottle. Position the strips in place on the lower edge of the bottle and press to secure.

6. Squeeze ultra-white PermEnamel onto the palette. Tap the flat end of the sponge into the paint and tap excess off on plate. Pounce the paint between the strips, applying an even coat. Let dry a minute or two and apply another coat. Carefully remove the paper.

7. Press the dot stencil in place on the bottle. Hold with fingers. Pounce ultra-white paint into stencil following the same process as above. Carefully remove the stencil, reposition and apply paint. Continue with the remainder of the dots on the bottle.

8. The paint will dry in a few hours but needs to cure for 10 days before washing. Follow label instructions for care of the painted glass.

9. For the wood block: Use the sanding block to sand the wood smooth if needed.

10. Use the #14 flat brush to paint a coat of lime green to the entire wood piece. Let dry (a blow dryer will speed this step). Sand again if needed and apply another coat. Let dry.

11. Use the liner brush to apply white acrylic around the outside rim on the wood. Add random white dots with cotton swabs onto the front. Let dry.

12. Squeeze a puddle of gel stain medium onto the palette. Squeeze half as much white next to it. Use the liner brush to thoroughly mix the two together. Use the #14 flat brush to apply a coat the wood piece. Immediately wipe off excess with paper towels or a soft rag, leaving a white-washed look.

13. Place the bottle into the broom holder and place the holder on the wood. Adjust as needed for the bottle to fit on the wood and against the wall. Mark the placement of the broom holder. Remove bottle and secure the broom holder to the wood piece following package instructions.

14. Attach hanger to the back.


1. Always test fit the neck of the bottle with the broom holder as it needs to be rather thin to fit.

2. Also test by placing the bottle in the holder and place against the wall. Some bottles may be too big to lay flush against the wall.

3. The PermEnamel must be dry before applying a second coat or it may pull up the first coat.

4. Two thin coats of paint will look better than one thick one.

5. Less paint on the sponge when stenciling will prevent seepage.

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