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Carved Eraser Stamps

Leftover corks and pencil erasers are used to make homemade stamps.

Materials and Tools:

leftover corks
pencils with new erasers
craft knife with new blades
sharp pencil or pen
scrap paper
ink pads
clip art and tracing paper (optional)


1. Find simple and tiny clip art images to fit the ends of a cork or a pencil eraser (star, flower, moon).

2. Use a pencil or pen to draw the design onto the eraser.

3. Using the craft knife, cut the images with small cuts. Try to make the cuts go straight down into the cork or eraser. If you under cut (or cut at an angle that goes under the edge of the design), your print will be more difficult to work with.

4. Carve several images and use the images all combined to create clever prints for greeting cards and more.

Project by Mary O'Neil.

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