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Easy Candle Embellishments

Learn how to mold these unique candles using various embellishing techniques.

Projects by Vivian Peritts.

Gold Leaf Log Candle

Materials and Tools:

dark green pillar candle
La D’ore DesignaLeaf red tiger gold leaf
La D’ore DesignaSize gold leaf size
La D’ore DesignaPrime clear gloss top coat
V-shaped wood carving tool


1. Paint gold leaf size on sides of candle only, following instructions on bottle.

2. Apply gold leaf to sides of candle.

3. Carve wood grain down the length of the candle to look like a log.

4. Apply clear gloss to coat to the sides of the candle to seal the gold leaf.

Soy Candle with a View

Materials and Tools:

double boiler
Yaley thermometer
Yaley dipping wax
Yaley soy wax for pillars
Yaley candle mold release spray
Yaley blue concentrated dye block
Yaley 4" x 4-1/2" candle mold (with wick, sealer)
Tacky glue
rubber bands
stove or hot plate
4 sheets of sandpaper, different colors brown or black (any grit)


1. Follow instructions on soy wax packaging for melting wax.

2. Prepare mold according to instructions with candle mold.

3. Pour candle.

4. Unmold candle when set.

5. Cut sandpaper into hill shapes. Cut each hill a different height with a straight bottom edge.

6. Coat the back of the sandpaper hills with glue and apply to candle. Apply the tallest hill to the candle first. Continue layering hills from tallest to shortest. Use the rubber bands to hold the hills in place while they dry.

7. Over dip the candle three times in clear wax.

Flower Applique Candle

Materials and Tools:

pillar candle
Yaley Spring Collection designer wax sheets
Provo Craft Makin's Clay clay shapers
Provo Craft Makin's Clay clay cutters


1. Use the clay cutters and shapers to cut the shapes from the wax sheets. The clay cutters work like cookie cutters. By using the flower and leaf shapes, you can create a floral arrangement. The cutters come with the same shape in three different sizes. This makes it easy to make dimensional flowers.

2. Apply the largest shape first. Ruffle the edges of the middle size and the small size. Apply the medium shape to the center of the large shape and the small one to the center of the medium shape. The wax sheets stick easily to most candles.

3. Clay shapers are scissors that can be used to cut shapes out of the wax sheets. Wax sheets can also be rolled into small balls to use as flower centers. Working with the wax in your hands heats the wax and allows it to be molded into shapes.

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