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Useful Scrapbooking and Stamping Products

These products will help even the beginner crafter create a flawless design.

Playtime again when we take a look at some of the more recent entries into the world of craft products ... those sometimes "can't live without" items that are meant to make your crafting time more efficient, more fun or more varied.

First up today was a new take on rubber stamping. This time the stamps from Make An Impression are called "Punch-Ins" — and with good reason. You stamp the image with one of these new stamps and notice that there are several areas that are empty. You stamped nothing there.

That's when you start punching bunches of small shapes, be they stars or circles or hearts or whatever, and then start gluing them one at a time to that empty space. In no time at all you will see that you are building up a flower that will not only fill in that empty spot but will do it in dimension.

Fiskars's most recent contribution is a new Paper Trimmer. The latest is their 12-inch Ultimate Craft Rotary Paper Trimmer, and it seems to do everything but trim the dog. There is a plastic guard for you to put your fingers on when you are holding or adjusting your paper items for cutting, to keep you from actually touching your item. A great idea if it's a photograph or a piece of original art work. There are also flexible plastic sheets that fit into the trimmer that guide you through a variety of cuts. If you want to cut 1/8-inch-wide strips, this handy little sheet will keep you right on track. You'll cut a stack of perfectly matching 1/8-inch paper strips before you'll even realize that you've done it. There are a number of such plastic sheets that will enable you to cut a bunch of matching items in no time.

And speaking of cutting, Martelli Enterprises has some cutters out now that should be much appreciated, especially by quilters who have to not only cut a lot of pieces of material but usually have to cut through many layers of that material at a time. The cutters, which are called Ergo 2000, are made in both right- and left-handed versions and are ergonomically correct, which should be a blessing to folks bothered with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. No need to remember to move or remove the blade protector cover, because when you start to cut, it remembers to move out of the way. Cut through as many as 20 layers of fabric at a time with no pressure, no worry.

And if you too have fallen under the spell of that heavy-duty double-sided tape so many of us have come to depend on now, you can have it in a variety of shapes, in a variety of sizes, from flowers to words to the entire alphabet. They are from Stamping Station and called Fabulous Funshapes and Fabulous Frazes. Obviously these are not intended to hold things together but to hold things on...glitter, tiny beads, whatever you have that is small and will fit, you can make it hold into the desired shape.


    • 12-inch Ultimate Craft Rotary Paper Trimmer from Fiskars
    • Ergo 2000 Rotary Cutter from Martelli Enterprises
    • Fabulous Frazes and Fabulous FunShapes from Stamping Station
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