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Playroom Restoration

Michelle and TJ Murray need to get their playroom organized, and they need help.

Before: A Growing Mess
Michelle and TJ Murray moved into a larger home to accommodate their growing family but did not plan for their playroom/laundry area to become so cluttered. Located just off the garage and measuring a spacious 21.5' x 14', it accommodates the children's toys as well as a large closet for the washer and dryer.

In spite of all that space, the room is an explosion of toys and dirty clothes. New toys keep coming in from doting grandparents and old toys are not moved out to make room for the new, so the mess simply grows. Neither children nor adults are enthusiastic about putting away toys with such limited storage options.

Professional organizer Sean Johnson provides the help the Murrays need to turn the playroom into a beautifully functioning space the whole family can enjoy.

Her approach is to divide the room into zones that will help contain the toys in one area. A trick she uses to keep toys under control is to put away some to bring out at another time of year, so they feel like brand new toys to the children. To keep the laundry under control, she proposes building out the walls of the laundry closet to create a laundry room.

After: Organized Laundry and Living Areas
The brand new laundry room boasts new appliances, cabinets and a fresh coat of paint — and it's all contained behind closed doors.

For more usable storage, Johnson suggested removing the doors to the other large closet and building a large custom storage unit that will provide toy storage and house the TV and DVDs. The desk area creates a play space for the children.

To help define spaces and keep dirt from the outside under control, Johnson wants new tile installed at the side door entry area, the garage entry and the laundry room. A fresh coat of yellow/gold paint will brighten the room, and comfy beanbag chairs will provide a place for the family to watch movies together.

After all the sorting, moving and washing clothes, the Murray family now has space to grow. Mission accomplished once again!

Products from Improvements:

Country bench with three drawers

Products from Lillian Vernon:

Maize storage trunks
picket-fence bookcase
Willow Baskets with red liners
rolling double hamper
monogrammed denim bean bag chairs
set of three lined baskets

Product from Bellacor:

art-supply cart

Products from Rubbermaid:

storage boxes

Products from Mannington Mills, Inc.:

Porcelain Beige Tuscan Valley Tiles, 6 x 6

Closet installation by Top Shelf Closet Company, Inc.

Products from The Container Store:

book ends
interlocking drawer organizers
flip boxes
jumbo clear box,
clear sweater box
Makati basket
blue portfolio
jute box

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