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From breakfast in bed to a late-night bite, a great tray can deliver snacks in style.

  • Modern art lovers will swoon over this tray made of hand-printed fabric and coated with a clear plastic laminate to prevent staining. It has the textural appearance of cloth, but is smooth to the touch.

  • A contemporary garden is in full bloom on this tray. The pattern is printed onto fabric that's been shellacked and then molded into shape. It's extremely lightweight, yet extraordinarily durable.

  • Whether it's breakfast in bed or dinner on the couch, this tray stands high above the rest. Made of plastic with metal legs that fold for easy storage, it's sleek and contemporary in style.

  • The uplifting message of the collage on this tray was created through the art of decoupage covered with glass. It's as eye-catching as it is inspiring.

    natural sea grass tray (Inside and Outside)
    bent shellac floral fabric tray, cloth yellow Manfred Angela Adams tray (Open House)
    square white lacquer tray, white bed tray with folding legs (Dane Decor Downtown)
    decoupaged friendship tray (John Derian)

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