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Lacquer furnishings can engergize a home's decor in a number of ways.

Slick lacquer furnishings are simply luxurious and glossy furnishings are energizing home decor in all sorts of stylish ways:

  • Lacquer is a 4000-year-old Chinese technique where several coats of the sap from the lacquer tree are applied to wood for a high-gloss shine. While the Chinese perfected the process ages ago, the term "lacquered" has come to mean anything that has a very glossy finish. You can get the look the old-fashioned way from tree sap or from high-gloss paints or new-age plastics.

  • Lacquering never goes out of style because it adds that bit of shine to a room. Next to all the matte surfaces and fabrics in a space, the lacquered pieces really come alive.

lacquer stash boxes (blue and brown), lacquer picture frames (red) (Jonathan Adler)
lacquer vase (USONA)
Boaat lacquer kitchen containers by Philippe Starck (Unica Home)
lacquer Asian-style tray (Open House)

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