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Two Apartments Make One Penthouse

By remodeling two apartments into one, this owner gets a wonderful new kitchen plus additional space for guests.

Before, kitchen

Homeowner and designer Rodolfo Gonzales loved the downtown location of his apartment but needed more space. When an adjoining apartment came up for sale he bought the unit and made plans for an extensive remodel to join the two spaces. The goal was to create a larger home with more guest living spaces and to take advantage of the panoramic views.

After, kitchen

Gonzales' design adds two guest bedrooms in his current home, converts part of the adjoining penthouse into a large master suite and blends the two spaces with central gallery and library. The rooms are large and comfortable, each with its own elegance and unique style. The main living spaces are designed for entertaining while private spaces are inviting and warm. Highlights of the remodel include the master suite with a new gas fireplace with a hand-carved mantel and incredible views.

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