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Playful Tabletops

Liven up your meals with a fun and refreshing twist on the conventional table setting.

Event planner David Stark presents some playful tabletop creations and shows how to make these fun and fabulous looks in your home:

This crayon theme is for kids of all ages. A piece of craft paper laid over a velvet cloth provides the backdrop for designs and names written right above each plate. Real china and glassware keeps it from feeling like a children's birthday party, and even the centerpiece of juice glasses covered in crayons (held in place with a rubber band disguised by ribbon) is fun.

Create a round floral centerpiece by securing carnation heads to a Styrofoam ball (bend floral wire into a hairpin shape after inserting one into each head). Make it a couple days ahead of your event and keep it fresh in the refrigerator.

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