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Den to Child/Guest Bedroom

See this boring den be transformed into a whimsical guest room.

When Brent and Susie Lantz moved into their contemporary three-bedroom home, they saw it as a house they could adapt to suit their changing needs. Now with one child and a baby soon to arrive, they're looking for creative ways to accommodate their growing family and overnight guests. They want to transform their den into a "big girl room" for their 2- year-old that can also serve as a guest room when family visits. The couple is hoping for a designer who can add functionality to the room in terms of storage, closet built-ins and possibly a bunk bed, but also add warmth and color with a fabulous design that incorporates a painting they recently purchased in Hawaii.

After meeting with all the designers, the Lantzes choose Bridget Raney because they loved her choice of fabrics and colors and thought her design really met their vision of the room.


Before the makeover this space was not being used to its full potential. The family was hoping to use the space to accommodate both guests and their young daughter. Now the new bedroom has an underlying elegance, overlaid with whimsical details to delight both adults and children.

Makeover Information

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