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Sophisticated Family Fun

This family would like to transform their awkward backyard into a stylish oasis the whole family can enjoy.

Allen and Carrie Breiter built their dream home four years ago and have enjoyed living there with their 6-year-old daughter and toddler twins. Alhough they love their home and community, they have not yet found a way to take advantage of their awkwardly shaped backyard. Allen and Carrie would like to bring their sophisticated yet relaxed style outdoors and create a paradise where they can entertain and spend time with their family.

The Breiters would like to transform their backyard into a stylish oasis that is fun for the whole family. They hope to create more privacy and utilize the hillside in the building of a new pool. Up for the challenge are the design team of Richard LaSecla and Kurt Jaeger, designer/builder Randy Bauer and landscape designer Natasha Kerek.

Richard LaSecla's and Kurt Jaeger's pool area design is both classic and child-friendly with its art-deco-inspired clean lines and 18-inch wading pool for the kiddies. Randy Bauer proposes a spectacular pool with numerous spouting fountains and multi-level decking that leads to a spa. Natasha Kerek's natural spa approach utilizes stone and boulders. Streams of water make their way down the hillside, forming a waterfall, then spouting upward from a spa and spilling into a pool.

After a week of reviewing the three designs Allen and Carrie choose Richard and Kurt's design. By reconfiguring the unusable area and duplicating the Breiters' refined sense of style, the design team has successfully created the one-of-a-kind pool and landscape the Breiters were dreaming of and a striking outdoor entertainment space that the whole family will enjoy.

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