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Contemporary Backyard With Views

This couple would like to seee their backyard transformed into a space where they can entertain and relax.

Scott Freedman and Chris Langlois are delighted with their multi-leveled, contemporary home and its spectacular views, but they're not inclined to venture down three flights to spend time in their backyard's outdated pool area. Scott and Chris would like to create an appealing space outdoors where they can entertain and hang out with friends.

Scott and Chris hope to update their pool area and create a warm and inviting feeling for their backyard. Among the problems that need addressing are their overgrown hillside and old cement deck. Ready for the challenge are landscape designers Matt-Dell Tufenkian and Ana Tabuena, landscape designer Charlotte Chen, and Christopher Lines.

Matt-Dell and Ana's cohesive design connects the hillside to the pool deck with a colorful inlay of recycled glass that runs throughout. With her design Charlotte has created a multi-leveled, simulated waterfall with iridescent tiles cascading from the hillside to the pool. In Christopher's modern concept, he softens the pool area by replacing the cement with stepping stones, adding lush tropical foliage and resurfacing the pool to a deep blue. After a week of reviewing the three designs, Scott and Chris choose Christopher's plan.

By incorporating the home's contemporary style and by adding rich color and texture, Christopher exceeds Chris and Scott's hopes for a spectacular backyard. He has created a dramatically appealing space that the homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

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