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Minimalist Home/Office

If you think it's impossible to live in a small studio apartment, try living and working from your 600-square-foot home. That's exactly what Wing Chan does every day with incredible style.

Thanks to architect Roger Hirsch, Wing Chan has a one-of-a-kind studio apartment that literally transforms from a home into an office right before your eyes. His minimalist taste in design and unbelievable ability to organize everything has made his tiny home appear downright spacious. With a convertible office, multifunctional rolling table, hidden storage and various moving parts, this home made even our experts say "Wow!"

Wing Chan’s apartment features clean, modern lines, simple furnishings and a few decorative accents.

Behind a bi-fold wall in the living room sits this complete home office, which becomes invisible when the wall is moved back into place.

This table easily moves out from the wall on wheels, to serve as a dining or conference table, then moves back out of the way when not in use.

Built-in bedside cubicles hold books, magazine or a glass of water.

Expert Tips:

  • Consider your limits; don’t be a pack rat.
  • If you enlist the help of a designer, find one who can discern the difference between what you think you want and what you really want.

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