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From Metal Shop to Home

When Deborah Oropallo bought an old metal shop in West Berkeley, Calif., she planned on making it her art studio. Fourteen years later, the 800-square-foot space has been transformed into a family home for Deborah and her family.

The first floor boasts a professional kitchen, combined living/dining area and incredible playroom. When they ran out of space, the couple decided to build up and take advantage of the home's 15-foot ceilings. The results are connected bedroom lofts for the children and their parents.

The children’s stylish loft bedroom features space-saving bunk beds.

The open, handicap-accessible commercial bathroom has no glass doors for the shower enclosure and, in fact, no doors at all.

In this small industrial space, silk and steel work well together!

Expert Tips:

  • When working with limited space, a good solution can be the creation of an LDK – living, dining, kitchen area.
  • Consider alternative storage solutions; if it’s organized it can be out in the open.

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